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Indoor walls,


curtains and 

air conditioners


Hospitals,eldercare institutions,etc.

Prevention of in-hospital infection(MRSA), reduction of age-related odor,

health management of medical staff, prevention of infection among patients,antifouling 

Other facilities

 Prevention of bacterial infection,enviromental hygiene service,elimination of unpleasant odors including that from cigarettes, antifouling,elimination of sick-building syndrome,elimination of pets odors,decomposition of allergens,elimination of domestic odors,improvement of the enviroment for people with chemical sensitivities,mold prevention.

Outdoor applications


Exteriors of homes and other buildings,tunnels,guardrails,traffic signs and signals

Purification of NOx,SOx,etc.,antifouling against

self-cleaning effect,antifungal effect

Railways,buses,taxis and oher means of public transportation    
Private cars,company cars and ambulances 

Disinfection and deodorization of vehicles for which disinfection is required(elimination of the need to conduct disinfection procedures),health management of drivers and crew members,antifouling Deodorization,disinfection and antifouling of spaces that need to be refreshing

​Treatment of fabric


Product processing

Standard hospital bedclothes, hotel linens and other fabrics are treated with ARC-FLASH 

at several special plants throughout Japan. The products shown in the photos were created at the request of users. A growing number of people are using ARC-FLASH for various purposes. We also treat goods in large quantities.

​ARC FLASH index

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